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  • Watching your child grow is one of parenthood's great joys. Keeping up with that growth can sometimes be a source of frustration - and expense. We build Young America furniture so that it can grow along with your child. From infant's haven all the way through your teen's 'personal space', our furniture is there, adapting to changing styles and needs.
  • Built To Grow

    Built to Grow™

    You probably aren't thinking how useful the crib you buy will be down the road. But we are. Young America offers a range of sleep solutions whose value grows right along with your child. You'll appreciate the workmanship that ensures dependable performance year after year. And you'll love the thoughtful engineering of built to growTM as it adapts to your growing child’s needs, from crib to college.

    A Brilliant Beginning

    Safety is always our first consideration, with style right on its heels. No crib is safer, and with our many styles and an array of paint and finish options, Young America provides a world of opportunity to make your built to growTM crib your own. Ready to begin? Browse our products below.

  • Built To Grow - Storage

    Built to Grow™

    In a blur, she's a tween! And she has Stuff. It comes with the territory when you have children. There's lots of it, and it's ever-changing. And that's where Young America comes in. Our innovative storage solutions give you the built to growTM advantage, adapting to your child's changing needs, from the age of diapers and bottles through the years of books, backpacks and multi-media.

    The Future: You're Prepared

    Kids these days. Who can keep up? With stylish idea for storage, Young America can help. What starts as a changing table evolves right along with your child's changing needs. Just as important, we offer the jumbo box of colors—a variety of paints and wood tones to give your space a splash of personality. Start browsing below.

  • Built To Grow: Study

    Built to Grow™

    Organization helps make a child's life less chaotic, more of an adventure. When supplies and gear are easily accessible, even 'put away', kids can focus on their work. Young America designs and crafts a range of desks and hutches for the job, distinct for their craftsmanship and engineering that keeps pace with your child's evolving projects, from coloring books to chemistry notes, for many years to come.

    Left Brain/Right Brain Happiness

    Studies show kids are happier in workspaces that are well-organized and reflect their personalities. Young America is ahead of the curve with a range of furniture designed to satisfy study needs in a wide variety of paints and wood tones to fit your style. Discover the possibilities below. Browse away.

  • Built to Grow™

    For Young America, one of the great benefits of built to grow™ is the long term relationships you will build with customers. Because our products are designed and crafted to grow with a child from crib to college, there are many opportunities to chat with mom and dad. Every day we hear from parents with stories to share about their children ... and their Young America furniture. We'd love to hear yours. Please share your built to growTM story on Facebook and your next piece of Young America furniture just might be on us.

    • 'I loved the Built to Grow Bravo crib when my son was born and am still loving it now with my daughter. It is sturdy enough to grow with my kids for many years and the finish is beautiful. I have never worried that my kids will knock over, break or shake apart the crib even when they are at their wildest. This is really a wonderful crib.'

      Tracy A
      Chicago, IL
    • 'Your Isabella Bunkable Beds are a brilliant idea! We have toddler twin girls who share a bedroom. These beds make the most of their space and still have the flexibility to be apart as two bed when they get older or have separate rooms. They're so pretty too.'

      Stephanie K.
      Salt Lake City, UT
    • 'First let me say we have yet to put our baby in our Built To Grow Sleigh Crib...we are still in the getting the nursery ready for baby to come phase. Observations so far:

      - Sturdy; feels solid and safe unlike a lot of cribs we've seen
      - Beautiful traditional style and wood finish, would make a great addition to any decor for a boy or girl
      - Will make a stylish toddler bed or day bed as our baby grows
      - Easy to assemble (says my husband)
      - So cool that it was built in North Carolina!

      We don't have any complaints and would definitely recommend this crib. Love the idea we'll still be able to use it when she's a toddler too.'

      Charlotte W.
      Newton, MA
    • 'I L-O-V-E this crib! I'm a first time mom and had been doing research on the 'perfect' crib since we had found out at 3 weeks along! Finally my Husband and I found the Built To Grow Encore Crib. Wow! It is beautiful! The crib was so well packaged that there was no damage in shipping, and the only scratches on it were from me assembling it by myself (6 months preggo), which I was able to do all by myself and it was EASY! Oh, and the Natural wood color is perfect! It's not too light or dark and it's a perfect warm brown that goes well with our modern style!'

      Monique F.
      Alexandria, VA
    • 'We bought a Dana Bookcase when our daughter was a baby. It held toys and books and pictures. We love the creamy white color. Now our daughter is in school and the bookcase still looks new, still holds all her books and (mostly electronic) toys and we still love it. Great quality.'

      Paul M.
      Arlington, TX
    • 'My husband and I love the changing station on our All Seasons dresser. After 10 months of slamming drawers, a kicking baby, and the occasional golden shower, this dresser is still as solid as the day it was delivered. And we love the fact we can remove the station in a few months and still have a beautiful dresser in his room. It's a good value. We'll be back to the Young America store soon for his big boy bed!'

      Maria L.
      San Mateo, CA
    • 'I bought this Young America desk for my son when he was 3 years old. He loved sitting at it to paint or do playdough and filled the drawers with things. Now he's 8 and uses it for homework and his computer. We even added a hutch over it for more space. We love it! I love it because it has a huge desk top & it is extremely sturdy & well made. Love the desk and hutch. We'll probably still have them when he's 18!'

      Tanya H.
      Kansas City, MO
    • 'I want to thank you. Our new dresser from your Mix collection arrived last week and the quiet drawers are truly quiet! The no-tip kit is great too. My toddler is into EVERYTHING right now and it's a relief to know he cannot get his fingers slammed in the drawers or knock the whole thing over. He's more monkey than child sometimes! My husband says he wishes we could have quiet, no slam doors in our house too!'

      Carla M.
      Brooklyn, NY
    • 'A few of the handles are missing from a Young America dresser we bought for our son in 1993. He took the handles off and managed to lose them many years ago. We purchased this set when he was little and, now that he's grown, he would like to have it for his apartment. It's still in great shape and with just a couple replacement parts it will last many more years! Thank you for your time and consideration and thank you for making a great product!'

      Cindy H.
      Hackettstown, NJ

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